A macro concern as well

January 14, 2017


If you take on object and cut it in half, and do it over and over again, from a mathematical standpoint, there is no ending where nothing is left. The same is true if something doubles in size, and then doubles again. In between the two infinite extremes lies the realm of human senses. Augmented […]

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Running away

January 3, 2017


I tend to be gone a lot. It’s fairly obvious if you read my paltry efforts on this blog, that I don’t get out much. Brian’s post yesterday brought to the fore the reasons I’m not around. None of which are an excuse for my being gone, I simply like being in the background. Gone […]

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Why do we cling to things?

December 8, 2016


I find the concept of treasure to be interesting. The first impression for most people I assume would be a dragon sitting on a hoard of gold and gems. Or maybe a movie with you-know-who sailing the high seas seeking closure. There are friends, family and memories to celebrate and cherish. This is a basic […]

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A Flaming Sword of Justice

December 3, 2016


many days have wished for a panoply of weapons against the evil of female genital mutilation not only something in distant Africa or Asian cultures suppressing women in the Middle East by cutting young girls clitoris chopped off in white America too Christian doctors cured sin of masturbation to mutilate hundreds of millions of God’s […]

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Do you drink coffee?

July 27, 2016


I’ve never understood the fascination with designer coffee beans. Is it the taste? If so, then why isn’t coffee always drunk black instead of lavish concoctions of foam and spice? I’ve been told people drink coffee for the buzz of caffeine but that it’s not addictive. I see. Then why the long blank stares and […]

It was not a fatal absence after all

July 22, 2016


Over at Three Word Wednesday #489 the words of the week are Fatal, Gaping and Harmonious. too often fatal harmonious delegates rhetoric gaping Bawdy Wench

The very definition of the word

September 20, 2010


As I travel the virtual world, one concept pops up frequently. The desire to be clean: in health, in mores, in the environment. But what is clean? Besides being the opposite of dirty, it depends on a baseline unique to every individual and circumstance. We who have plentiful water would never dream of drinking from […]