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Speaking of which

May 30, 2010


I do not have a mantra. I do not meditate or pray. But if I did… I am dark chocolate. Bawdy Wench Advertisements

Blame is the new/old dynamic

May 23, 2010


It’s so much fun to get all self-righteous and uppity when someone makes a hard choice. We are all perfect in our own minds. You know something? Blame is a dead-end street. It feels good. Really good. Not only blaming others, but especially blaming yourself. Oh boy is that a trip. Nothing like a good […]

Is it ever OK to believe in a myth?

May 23, 2010


In many cultures the dragon is an enduring symbol. For some it is evil and destructive and for others it is wise and revered. Although dragons are mythical, Komodo aside, people still find them fascinating. Why? Why does a large, flying, fire-breathing fictional monster captivate so many? Myths serve several purposes. They instruct, they save […]

Cooking up a lasting relationship

May 16, 2010


There are many terms used in conjunction with recipe: recipe for disaster, recipe for failure, recipe for happiness. Using the term recipe in a context other than ingredients in a meal creates a common understanding. We don’t think about breathing or about all the other automatic functions our body performs [nearly] flawlessly both awake and […]

It’s not only in history books

May 9, 2010


How much courage does it take simply to get out of bed every day? For many it will be the hardest thing they do. More than hope, more than desire, it is the courage to live that makes everyday people so extraordinary. You don’t have to be a hero to be courageous. It’s a smile, […]

There is no life without friends

May 3, 2010


Perhaps it was always too much to hope for that I’d make lots of friends and have success in life. Being silent for nearly a year made me realize that there are lots of things I missed. It’s easy to assign blame, to absorb the negative and ignore the positive. He’s not the problem. They […]

It’s in the fine print

May 1, 2010


Dear Martin, In the event you are reading this, I am no longer in your life. I have a few regrets; places we didn’t go, people we didn’t see and positions we didn’t try. There is however one regret I do not have. Buying a lottery ticket was not ‘stupid’, ‘wasteful’ or ‘typical of your […]