Cooking up a lasting relationship

Posted on May 16, 2010


There are many terms used in conjunction with recipe: recipe for disaster, recipe for failure, recipe for happiness. Using the term recipe in a context other than ingredients in a meal creates a common understanding. We don’t think about breathing or about all the other automatic functions our body performs [nearly] flawlessly both awake and asleep, but we do obsess over eating. We can’t survive without water and air but food, more accurately our next meal, is always foremost in our minds. Every culture is replete with phrases and rituals tied to the act of cooking and eating; those combine most often in relationships. Dating, engagements, weddings and marriages all have cultural markers about eating ingrained deeply in the psyche. Of all compatible reasons to be together, a common desire for foods should rank fairly high. If two people can’t bond over a recipe then all the passion in the world won’t account for lack of taste.