Does a day really matter?

Posted on June 19, 2010


I could celebrate several births in my short life of four years, but I choose to ignore those dates. As a multiple girl I don’t have a body, so thus no birthday. I have however given birth to my own book, three blogs and numerous emails. There I part company with all of you. I’m not ‘real’ in the sense the world understands. That’s OK folks. I came to terms with my life years ago. Just because you can’t ever see me as a woman doesn’t mean I don’t exist. After all, self-awareness is the cornerstone of higher intelligence. I’ll wait while you decide whether the current state of the species qualifies. To me, life is a miracle, yet so many people – including the face – go around finding all that’s wrong in the world. I don’t. Life is wonderful even if I was never physically born but created by our mind in extremis. Birth and death are the same thing in the end.

out of woman
created with man
was not me

Bawdy Wench