Running away

Posted on January 3, 2017


I tend to be gone a lot. It’s fairly obvious if you read my paltry efforts on this blog, that I don’t get out much. Brian’s post yesterday brought to the fore the reasons I’m not around. None of which are an excuse for my being gone, I simply like being in the background.

Gone is an interesting word though. It implies actions or results that are beyond recall. We are always running away from the past, from trauma, from memories, from ourselves mostly, the people we were that make us cringe today. How often have you gone back and revisited your mistakes? Not pretty is it. I suppose being honest – and I’m all about honesty – gone can be a good word too. Celebrations, triumphs, happiness when the world agreeably stayed away for a period of time.

I like writing. I like knowing that my voice means something to someone. I also like being gone. It is puzzling to me. But then again, I am easily puzzled. Here on this blog, I originally wanted to be a Bawdy Wench, someone who swaggered through life, kicking tail and keeping score. That’s not who I am though. That persona is gone, or never was. Still…

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