A macro concern as well

Posted on January 14, 2017


If you take on object and cut it in half, and do it over and over again, from a mathematical standpoint, there is no ending where nothing is left. The same is true if something doubles in size, and then doubles again. In between the two infinite extremes lies the realm of human senses. Augmented by science and tools, the unseen frontier has been pushed back in both directions. Secrets of the universe and the body have been revealed where past generations blamed magic and vapors.

Every culture has tiny creatures that lie at the heart of disease, misfortune and luck. They belonged to the unseen world of fairy, of Fate, where humans were merely pieces on a infinite game board: pushed around by heartless immortals. Those beliefs have become entrenched in our cultures, maybe even our DNA. We see the invisible hand guiding our lives, the economy, social behaviors. Our horoscopes dictate our will.

The unseen consequences are everywhere, should we choose to look. But most of us don’t look at the big picture because it is too frightening. We huddle around the fire of social media instead and try not to get burned. The groups we join are unseen, but we hope they are real. The trolls still guard the bridges.

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